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Tools and Inspiration for Daily Christian Living...

Pilgrimage is a disciple-building process designed to deepen your relationship with Christ and give you tools which can help you to live a balanced Christian life in your daily affairs.

Pilgrimage begins with a three-day retreat of spiritual renewal, and can continue to enrich your life every day thereafter. The Pilgrimage 3-day Weekend is away from the world, and includes talks and discussions, daily worship and communion, lots of joy-filled singing, laughter and great food.

By the time the Weekend is over, participants have usually developed strong bonds with the other members of the group; these bonds often last a lifetime.

Arkansas Presbyterian Pilgrimage is held twice yearly at the beautiful Ferncliff Retreat Center in central Arkansas.

Away From It All ...

At the beautiful Ferncliff Retreat Center near Little Rock, Arkansas, participants experience a Weekend filled with short talks, music, fellowship, small group discussion and great food.

Participants often discover a new and exciting relationship with Jesus Christ. Then they take that newfound relationship back to their own home, work and church environments. 

Inspiration & Re-Connection ...

Pilgrimage does not try to convert anyone from unbelief to belief; rather, Pilgrimage is for committed Christians who seek continued growth in their faith and tools for enriching daily Christian life.

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Pilgrimage aims to inspire, challenge and equip each local church member for Christian action in the church, home, place of work and community.

Pilgrimage itself is a life-long growth experience which people enter through a three-day retreat led by committed Christians (all volunteers), and staffed by several ordained Presbyterian clergy.