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Answers to Common Questions about Pilgrimage

What is the purpose of Pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage is a disciple-building process designed to deepen your relationship with Christ, and give you tools which enable you to live a balanced Christian life in your daily affairs. Pilgrimage begins with a three-day retreat of spiritual renewal, and it can continue to enrich your life every day thereafter.

Who goes to a Pilgrimage Weekend?

The Weekend is not designed as a conversion experience. Its focus is on those who are seeking continued growth in their faith and its application to their daily lives.

Single and married individuals are welcome, and men and women attend the same Weekends. The staff is led by laity and Presbyterian clergy who have previously attended a 3-Day Weekend.

What happens after a Pilgrimage Weekend is over?

The Weekend is only a beginning!

What you learn and experience during the Weekend is intended to be put into practice in local congregations and communities. In these environments, you will be supported by many others who have attended a Weekend. You will have the opportunity to meet weekly in small groups to reinforce one another and to share the Christian life.

After you have been through your own Weekend, you can (if you desire) help staff a weekend for others. This experience has helped complete the circle for many.

How can I attend a Pilgrimage?

Click here to register online - or you can click here to download a printable registration form for mailing to the Registrar (the address is on the form). Anyone who has previously attended can provide you with details.

After registering, the Pilgrimage Registrar will notify you promptly regarding your participation in the Weekend.

Why Should I Consider Pilgrimage?

All will find a Pilgrimage Weekend to be fun, challenging, interesting, and reinvigorating and that it will fit into your other spiritual growth activities.

Many of us are bombarded by so many activities and challenges in our lives that our spiritual lives are intentionally or unintentionally put on “hold”. The church may be the center of our lives, but participation may have become an obligation or a job, rather than a “calling”. Others are active in worship and study, but still find they are “stuck” on a plateau and are looking for a way to “jump start” their journey, and some are actively growing spiritually, but are also looking for the next rung on the ladder of their journey.

Pilgrimage provides a unique opportunity and environment, grounded in Reformed Theology, within which an individual can assess where they are in their spiritual journey, grow in their relationship with Christ, and return to their home environments reinvigorated and ready to “listen” for God’s call in their lives. A Pilgrimage Weekend is an opportunity to be an “individual” among other Christians seeking spiritual growth.

How much does it cost?

Since the staff pays their own expenses, and since much of the material used during the Weekend is contributed by Presbyterians, costs are kept to a minimum.

Costs for the Weekend are primarily the charges for lodging, meals, materials, and use of the retreat center. The all-inclusive fees are $200 per participant.

In order that no one is prohibited because of expense, full or partial scholarships are available on a confidential basis. You may discuss a scholarship with the Registrar.